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Matthew Robinson, MA
G20 health ministers meet: The good, the bad, and the unknown for health R&D

Health ministers of the G20 nations, representing the world’s leading economies, met earlier this month in Mar del Plata, Argentina to chart a course of action on global health for the upcoming year.


PATH/Evelyn Hockstein
CDC in Kibera: Closely monitoring diseases, outbreaks in a slum

Inside a large room at the US Embassy in Nairobi, Robert F. Breiman, MD, the country director for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Kenya, explained a portion of the US-funded research in Nairobi’s largest slum, Kibera.

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Global Health R&D with USAID's Alex Dehgan

During USAID’s 50th year, there’s a lot of talk about helping women in the developing world.

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Follow us in Kenya!

This is an exciting week for the GHTC. Not only are we launching our “Breakthroughs” blog, but we’re also taking off on an amazing trip to Kenya to discover how global health research is changing people’s lives on the ground.

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Welcome to the Global Health Technologies Coalition’s new blog: Breakthroughs

Here at the GHTC, our team is dedicated to the idea that it’s possible to find new health solutions that will save countless lives around the world. From the first-ever vaccine to prevent malaria, to a ground-breaking gel that can prevent HIV infection, to new, simpler regimens to treat TB, we believe that science can and will deliver the tools we need to eliminate some of the world’s deadliest diseases.

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